Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary
Hội Dòng Nữ Tu Bác Ái Chúa Giêsu và Mẹ Maria
Region of Our Lady of La Vang, Vietnam
Miền Đức Mẹ La Vang, Việt Nam

The Spirituality of Fr. Triest on the three vows


The path of Evangelical Poverty

When one really strives to become poor in spirit, one follows the evangelical path which leads to God. The soul who sets out on this path does not worry about food or clothes, nor tomorrow. She seeks the Kingdom of God in grace and justice.

She who is truly poor in spirit is convinced that God will paternally provide for her needs; He who feeds the birds of the air.

She becomes in her soul as free as a bird in the heaven, because by detaching herself from the world she rises above it and moves freely towards the spiritual things of God.

One follows the way of the Gospel when, in order to live integrally the purity which one has promised to God, one empties one’s heart and purifies one’s senses of all useless connections, of all vain affection.

One follows the way of the Gospel when one strips one’s soul entirely, in order to make it “meek and humble”, when one has the courage to remain alone with a bruised heart, without looking for either joy or consolation; when one has a hunger and thirst for justice; when one prefers to be contradicted rather than go astray from the path of perfection.

One follows the poverty of the Gospel when one is prepared to refuse everything to oneself, in order to remain in the presence of God; in simplicity of heart; when one accepts interiorly and exteriorly all God wishes and accomplishes all He asks.

The path of Joyful Obedience

By the vow of obedience, we have surrendered ourselves to God. The spirit of obedience obliges us to accept any function of which the superiors judge us capable, and to perform it faithfully. We have not to judge our own talents. Let God dispose of us as He wishes by the voice of the superiors. Let us be guided by His will without being troubled. This will is manifested to us by the will of the superiors.

In order for a religious community to be perfect, it is necessary that each member obeys the superiors in all things, and sees in them Jesus Christ alone, for Christ has chosen them to administrate and animate the community.

To obey does not only signify – to accomplish exteriorly all that the superiors ask, but one must do it freely, with exactitude and joy, in spite of natural likes or dislikes. To obey also signifies to become strong in God’s service by a pure faith in God and His will. 

If you say Christ is your personal guide, then you must obey as He is. For Christ guides you by the rules and by the superiors.

Remember that in obeying you do the will of God and obedience will be your joy.

To obey signifies to renounce all questionings, and putting the orders of the superiors into practice with pure faith. 

The path of purity

In order for the Holy Spirit to make His home in you, you must seek Him and attract Him to you by a radiant purity of heart, by a life conformable to your vocation, by fervent and continual prayer.

But how can the Holy Spirit come and live in us if, instead of attracting Him, we act contrary to our vows? He avoids unfaithful religious. His teaching flees from hypocrites, and withdraws from impure and negative thoughts.

It is by idleness that sin and the spirit of the world penetrate into the convent. Idleness gives rise to much evil. It turns the religious away from good works and exposes her to all temptations: chasing worldly things, following worldly values, selfishness, refusing to make sacrifices and devotion for God and for the good of souls… The state of the lazy soul is shown in the Gospel. (Mt 12: 43-45)


Source: SCJM Vietnam